The Voices of March Madness

Inspiration. Hope. Success and teamwork—the not-so-secret blend of herbs and spices that makes the NCAA Tournament so damned delicious, year after year. The ingredients are always the same but March Madness is always something unique.

It’s where great stories spring to life, where timeless lessons are taught—both on and off the court, as millions worldwide watch with bated breath (and one eye on their brackets).

Every year, the tournament thunders into our lives, narrated by those who have coached, played, or analyzed their way into the game’s very DNA. These are the Voices of March Madness: a cacophony of speakers across the spectrum of spectacle. 

We’ve grouped the most impactful of these voices into a few different categories, highlighting some of the industry’s top speakers. Whether you’re in the market for a big-time name for your bracketology bonanza, a thoughtful Q&A session with an impact personality to level up your Final Four watch party, or want to relive the past with a fan favorite—we’ve got you covered.

We've added a section for speakers to watch out for, but for the most part, remember that anyone actively engaged in the tournament won't be available at the height of the action. 

Where Are They Now? March Madness Stars You Love to See

Maybe these guys saw some action in the NBA; maybe they played a little ball in Europe. Regardless, we know these names best from what they did during the tournament, not what came after. 

  • Christian Laettner | Former Duke Basketball Star, NBA Dream Team
    There was a time when people loved to hate the Duke standout, but since that ESPN 30-for-30 came out (and since he’s hit the speaking circuit), Laettner has become a coveted name for fan engagement.
  • Sue Bird | Former UConn Basketball Star, 4x WNBA Champion
    Did you know that Sue Bird just co-chaired a conversation at SxSW 2024? Read about it here, if not—but just know that the basketball legend is working to empower female athletes everywhere.
  • Drew Timme | Former Gonzaga Star, NIL Forerunner
    He didn’t dominate in the same way that our other two names did, but Timme held a remarkable career: he became the first-ever “Chinfluencer” in a sponsorship with Dollar Shave Club, using new NIL language to cash in on his infamous mustache celebration.

Retired and Respected: Legendary NCAA Coaches

A quick secret about former coaches: they make for outstanding keynote speakers. These legendary coaches retired recently, and their availability is often subject to extreme circumstance, but their presence is always a delight.

  • Mike Krzyzewski | Retired Duke Men’s Basketball Coach
    First of all: you’re swinging for the fences here. If Coach K is on your list, and you can afford him, know that a living legend walks among you. Krzyzewiski retired in 2022 with the most wins of any coach all-time, and tickets for his final games ran upwards of $4,000.
  • Vivian Stringer | Retired Rutgers Women’s Basketball Coach
    Stringer is No. 5 on the list for all-time wins, boasting one of the best winning percentages of all-time—and three National Coach of the Year awards. 
  • Roy Williams | Retired UNC, Kansas Men’s Basketball Coach
    Williams retired with three NCAA Championship titles under his belt, having made a legendary career at Kansas and North Carolina (and a legendary rival in Coach K). He retired with the fifth-most wins all-time.


Guys like Dick Vitale and President Barack Obama once dominated popular culture around loud storytelling and charismatic (if not totally reliable) bracketology, but a new generation now stands at center stage—from Q&A sessions built to bring you behind the scenes to big-time bracket party blowouts.

  • Joe Lunardi | The Inventor of Bracketology
    Yes, the inventor. Lunardi coined the term in 1995 as editor and owner of the Blue Ribbon College Basketball Yearbook and the rest is history. He’s been doing this for literally longer than anyone around.
  • Andy Katz | On-Air Bracketology Legend
    An ESPN powerhouse who thrives during March Madness, Katz used to host President Obama during his on-air bracketology sessions.
  • Jay Bilas | Retired NBA Player, Current Analyst, Legally a Lawyer
    Jay Bilas is a bonafide triple-threat known for his highfalutin conversation skills. Whether you’re exploring NIL opportunities or just want to cut it up with a speaker who has been there and done there, Bilas is one of the top names in the game.

Future Speakers to Keep an Eye On

Both these speakers aren’t available during (or likely immediately after) this year’s tournament, but are worth waiting for—like a fine vintage. Both speakers have made unforgettable impacts on college basketball, with fantastic stories of inspiration to tell.

  • Tara VanDerveer | Stanford Head Coach
    Her 45-year career might be reaching its sunset tour in the next decade or so, even as the most-winning coach in NCAA Women’s Basketball continues to dominate. 
  • Caitlin Clark | Iowa Hawkeyes Legend
    Come on. You think we wouldn’t have the NCAA all-time scoring leader on this list? Clark will soon go pro,after capturing the attention of a nation in her senior year after shattering “Pistol” Pete Maravich’s 54-year-old record.

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