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Athlete Speakers work with corporations, Fortune 500 companies and other organizations to have professional athletes and other stars from the world of sports attend their meetings and events. These sports celebrities, whether current or retired athletes, are great to have for speaking engagements, tradeshow appearances and more.

Why Consider an Athlete for your Corporate Speaking Engagement?

Many attributes that professional athletes possess have helped them reach the pinnacle of sports. Whether they won a Super Bowl, World Series, Olympic gold medal, MVP award or other accolade, the experiences and stories that successful athletes share during their motivational speaking engagements can help members of your organization reach their potential. Athletes and coaches speak on topics like leadership, teamwork, setting and achieving goals, overcoming obstacles, having the heart of a champion and more.

Why Consider an Athlete for your Corporate Trade Show Booth?

Professional athletes are some of the most recognizable celebrities in the world. Athlete Speakers has worked with companies for over 20 years to find the right sports star to appear in their trade show booth during conventions. What better way to attract attendees and have your company stand out on a crowded convention trade floor then to have a famous athlete sign autographs and take pictures. Not only will your company be the talk of the convention, you will also be able to capture valuable contact data from attendees and secure more business.

Why Book an Athlete’s Corporate Appearance Through Athlete Speakers?

Athlete Speakers has been working with corporations for over 20 years to find the perfect sports speaker for their event. Having booked over 10,000 events since 1999, Athlete Speakers has direct relationships with athletes, coaches, sports agencies, and public relations firms to get the best talent fees for our clients. Our experienced team of agents and logistical coordinators will work with your company to find the right sports celebrity for your next event and ensure that the booking process will be successful from the moment you contact us until after your event is completed.

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