Joe Theismann was one of the first superstar quarterbacks in the NFL and he has seen a lot of changes to the sports world since then. He recently joined CNBC for a wide-ranging conversation about how technology is influencing the athlete branding process. Theismann shared thoughts on how sports... Read More

The Vero Beach Prayer Breakfast has named a football icon keynote speaker. Super Bowl champion quarterback Joe Theismann will speak at the event on April 12th.  Festivities will kick off at the Indian River County Fairgrounds at 7 a.m. A full catered breakfast from Chik-Fil-A will be served... Read More

Last week, ex-NFL quarterback Joe Theismann shared stories of a football life at the Physician Hospitals of America Executive Summit in Washington D.C..  Theismann was also able to talk about his post-football experiences in the business world.  The PHA’s three-day event offered n... Read More

Former Washington Redskins great Joe Theismann served as a guest speaker at the Chem Dry annual convention in Las Vegas on Tuesday, January 27.  During the event, Theismann, who is also a successful entrepreneur, offered up his insights and ideas on how Chem Dry franchises can continue to deliv... Read More