Top Sports Motivational Speaker Rudy Ruettiger Turns to Zoom Virtual Meetings

Event planners and meeting organizers have been like most of the world. Everyone has been scrambling trying to deal with the new normal brought on by the coronavirus. 

One popular alternative many professionals are turning to for their events is virtual speaking engagements. A top motivational speaker, Rudy Ruettiger, has been a leader in this department among athletes and former sports stars. 

Rudy is already one of the most popular keynote speakers in sports and, in light of the COVID-19 outbreak, he is now offering the ability to schedule a virtual meeting with Zoom. With these custom video speaking engagements, he can still deliver his incredible inspirational message. 

Custom Virtual Speaking Engagements a Convenient Alternative Amidst Coronavirus Concerns

Rudy's story of persistence and perseverance is particularly meaningful given the current circumstances. His presentations also help build organizational communication and spur productivity even if your staff is currently working at home. 

“While corporate events and business meetings and events are being canceled and postponed due to COVID-19 and social distancing mandates, I know how important it is to stay connected to your team and keep everyone inspired and on the same page moving forward," said Rudy. " Let's stay connected and get through this together. Never quit!" 

Rudy regularly speaks to corporate groups, schools, churches, business conferences. With groups of any size, he delivers a 50-60 minute keynote where he shares his story of being a walk-on at Notre Dame. 

Rudy served in the Navy before even enrolling in college. He overcame dyslexia and several application rejections to eventually attend Notre Dame and etch his place in football lore. 

After suiting up in his final game in 1975, Rudy was carried off the field by his Fighting Irish teammates. Many became familiar with this amazing sequence of events through the 1993 feature film, "Rudy." 

In the years since, Rudy has continued to inspire thousands as a speaker and author. He is a member of the Speakers Hall of Fame and has spoken at the White House during two different presidential administrations. 

Athlete Speakers has worked with Rudy for years to set up speaking engagements around the country. We most recently have booked him to speak at the Southeastern Car Wash Association's annual expo in September. 

“Athlete Speakers is awesome!" said Rudy. "I love being a part of the AS speaking team to bring clients the very best RUDY experience and make a positive impact for your company!”

If you are interested in booking Rudy for a Zoom virtual speaking engagement, contact the agents at Athlete Speakers by calling us at 800-916-6008 or by Starting Your Booking Request Now

Rudy Ruettiger Speaks at the Chicago Ideas Festival:


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