Brendon Ayanbadejo Becomes First Athlete Paid in Bitcoin by Athlete Speakers

Athlete Speakers is changing the way business is done for speakers bureaus and sports talent marketing agencies. They are charting a new course for the way talent is compensated for speaking engagements, endorsement deals and appearances with the help of former Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl Champion Brendon Ayanbadejo

Athlete Speakers' client, the dietary supplement company Isagenix, was anxious to feature Ayanbadejo as one of their well-being collective leaders. When the ex-Pro Bowl linebacker heard about the opportunity, he was eager to jump on board as a brand ambassador for Isagenix and brought up the idea of being paid in cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin. 

“Bitcoin is a scarce digital property & we know property always goes up in value, said Ayanbadejo. “Most people will never have the ability to buy a house in Beverly Hills or the Hamptons, but people from any socioeconomic background can have an opportunity to buy bitcoins or Satoshi’s, which is a fraction of a coin. When this opportunity came along with Isagenix I decided to pledge it in its entirety to buying bitcoins.”

The opportunity to be an innovator in the industry by compensating talent in Bitcoin also made sense for Athlete Speakers. With this agreement, the company creates a new avenue for personalities to receive compensation for speaking engagements, endorsements, virtual events and other appearances. 

“Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum is the future of a worldwide currency,” said Athlete Speakers booking agent Ryan Totka, “Every day we see more Fortune 500 companies purchasing cryptocurrency as investment holdings and allowing it as payments from customers. Athletes are requesting to get paid salaries in cryptocurrency because they see where the future is going. Brendon is one of those trailblazing athletes who always has had his hands in technology, finance and playing chess, while others were playing checkers!”

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