Many people are turning to virtual speaking engagements as a way to still connect with their audience and deliver a unique experience. Athletes, coaches, broadcasters, team executives and other sports celebrities also find this to be a great way to deliver their messages.

Athlete Speakers is excited to be able to help book the top stars in sports for virtual meetings, webinars, video conferences and other types of virtual appearances. Countless businesses, charities, religious groups and conference planners have already taken advantage of these new ways to engage, inspire and motivate.

These are three main benefits of booking an athlete or sports star as a virtual speaker.

1. They are more affordable

Virtual events can come at a major cost savings, up to 50% of what an athlete would charge for an in-person appearance.

2. They allow for more flexibility

With travel no longer factored in to the time commitment involved with a speaking engagement, it is easy to book one of these in-demand athletes who may be otherwise unavailable or have significant schedule limitations.

3. They can create a more conversational setting

Virtual speakers can actually be more engaging through the screen than they are on-stage in-person. In this format, most athletes and sports stars are comfortable chatting with a moderator or answering questions from those assembled on the call.

With financial and time concerns mitigated, you can truly get creative with your virtual event. The unique format of a Zoom call or video conference opens up a world of opportunities to create a lasting memory for your team that previously did not exist with traditional speaking engagements.

If you think a virtual speaker from the world of sports might be the right fit for you, check out some of the top names that have embraced this cutting-edge format. You can also do a search of our extensive database to find the perfect person that fits your audience and budget.

Once you have a speaker in mind, please fill out our Booking Request Form with all the details of your virtual event. Our booking agents typically respond to most inquiries in as little as two hours.