Retired Football Stars Michael Vick and Ray Rice Speak About Second Chances

Retired football stars Michael Vick and Ray Rice have a lot in common. They both reached the pinnacle of the NFL, made major off-field mistakes, but both have been given chances to right their wrongs. 

Rice and Vick recently had separate speaking engagements where they were able to talk about getting second chances and what the power of redemption means to them. Rice was invited by Alabama football coach Nick Saban to take part in their annual Title IX event, while Vick presented down the road at Alabama A&M as part of of their monthly, "Beyond Normal Lecture Series." 

Rice addressed the Crimson Tide team, speaking candidly about his past domestic violence issues. He shared how his second chance opportunity has come in the forms of marrying his wife, having two children and helping other athletes not go down his path. 

Vick spoke with similar candor when discussing the time he spent in prison for his involvement in a dogfighting ring. He focused his talk on decision-making and also said that the positive thing to come out of his mistake was a closer relationship to God. 

That spiritual journey prepared Vick for his second act as he went on to experience more football success and is now a popular national analyst for 

“Second chances mean everything to me, man. People who stood at the forefront, who allowed me to be put in that space, they deserve all the credit. I was just a guy who needed them at a critical time in my life,” said Vick.

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Michael Vick Speaks at Alabama A&M: