How Much Does it Cost to Book an Athlete Speaker?

An event's athlete keynote speaker can make or break its success. The quality of the speech will not only influence the audience's view of the event but will also help them in determining the event's impact. If you are thinking about hiring an athlete speaker, you should know what to expect financially. Several aspects affect the price of a speaker like the type of event, its length, location, even the speaker’s experience.

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Expenses to Keep in Mind

A sports speaker can cost anywhere from the $5,000 range to well into six figures. It is essential to account for both a speaker fee and supplementary expenses like airfare, hotel accommodations, ground transportation and other travel costs when budgeting for a keynote speaker.

Athlete Speaker Fees

The cost of an athlete keynote speaker is determined by two factors: the type of event and the guest's status. Concerns such as the host and occasion, the size and length of the event, and the site and budget, all affect the production level. The quality of a speaker is defined by their reputation, amount of experience, professional accomplishments, and name recognition.

The importance of a speaker is often related to the size and scope of the event; however, this is not always the case. A big company having a business conference, for example, is more likely to hire a high-profile speaker than a nonprofit having a small lunch for new staff.

Average Prices

Here is a breakdown of typical athlete keynote speaker price range brackets:

·       $5,000 – $10,000: Athlete speakers at this price-point are typically retired and may have a big draw in a certain local or regional market. They are often great for various community events and occasions where your audience are huge fans of the hometown team.

·       $20,000 – $40,000: These sports speakers are well-known and have become household names. Their name recognition makes them pricey, but they also attract attendees and bring value to the event. Many Olympic legends and Hall of Famers would fall into this price bracket.

·       $50,000 – $100,000: The athlete keynote speakers in this range are typically legends from their sport, top coaches or sports executives. They have widespread appeal throughout the country and many would be interested in hearing their thoughts on topics like leadership, teamwork and perseverance.

·       $100,000+: This bracket is purely reserved for all-time legends and some of the most high-profile athletes in the world. Names like Serena Williams, Alex Rodriguez and Magic Johnson fall in this category. In addition to being sports greats, these speakers have also typically been successful in other ares, like business or entertainment.

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