Garth Brooks and Abby Wambach Make Appearance at Teammates for Kids Soccer ProCamp

Famous country music songwriter Garth Brooks took a casual day to hang out with some children on a soccer field alongside Womens National Team star Abby Wambach. The two of them spent the day teaching kids what it means to be on a team, and Brooks himself even took a stab at being a goalie for a little while as all the little ones took shots on him. The event was put on by the Garth Brooks Teammates for Kids Foundation and ProCamps, and at the end of the day Wambach presented Brooks with a official USWNT jersey complete with his name on it.

The 32-time winner of the Academy of Country Music Awards has been making songs and music since 1984, which a short hiatus in the early 2000’s. In the last couple of decades Brooks has released 20 albums, three Christmas albums, three box sets and 77 singles. He is one of the most recognized names in the music industry and continues to grow his fan base each year.

The two-time Olympic gold medalist and 14 year veteran of the United States Women’s National Team is the team’s highest goal scoring forward and she also has the world record for international goals for both male and female players totaling at 178 overall. Wambach is also the 2012 FIFA World Player of the Year after putting on a stunning performance that the London Summer Olympics that year. She is expected to be one of the star scorers in this summer’s Womens FIFA World Cup staring in just a couple of months in Canada.

Brooks and Wambach teamed up with one another to put on a very successful day camp for children to learn about being a good sport and promoting a team attitude. Their interactions with the kids were a big hit that is sure to leave them with lasting memories for the rest of their lives.

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