Darren Sproles Overcame His Stutter, Now He’s Helping a Kid Do The Same

The NFL running back for the Philadelphia Eagles Darren Sproles has decided to participate in the NFL Characters Unite documentary, and he was paired up with a 16-year-old student who is experiencing the same speech difficulties that he did as a kid.

Sproles got his start in football during his university career where he was the all-time leading rusher for Kansas State and broke 23 school records between 2001 and 2004. In addition to that, he assisted his KSU teammates in getting the school’s first Big 12 Conference win against the number-one team in 2003. In the 2005 NFL Draft, Sproles was drafted to the Chargers in the fourth round as the 130th overall pick.

The first two NFL touchdowns made by Sproles were also record setters, as he did so making history by returning a kickoff and a punt. In 2008, the Chargers running managed to get 50 receiving yards, 50 rushing yards, and 100 return yards in a single game which has only occurred one other time in NFL history. As a result he was named the “Horse Trailer Player of the Game” two weeks in a row by NBC Sunday Night Football.

In July of 2011, Sproles became an official member of the New Orleans Saints when he signed a four year contract for $6 million dollars. He has used his fame and sports title to not only progress in life, but to give back to the community as well. From a young age Sproles battled a stutter speech impediment, and now he is coaching another teen with similar issues how to beat it as well. With all the negativity surrounding the NFL last season, it is refreshing to hear about the good guys who put an extra effort into giving back to the community.

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Watch Darren Sproles Speaking about his Foundation and Overcoming his Stutter:


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