Custom Virtual Speaking Engagements a Convenient Alternative Amidst Coronavirus Concerns

While traditional in-person speaking engagements and appearances are more popular than ever, there is a new offering that is making it easier to book talent and more cost-effective. More and more clients are requesting if the world's top sports motivational speakers can create custom virtual video presentations for their groups and organizations. 

While the individual will not actually be there in person with the audience, having a tailored message delivered by that athlete, coach or other sports personality can sometimes even be more impactful. And, in light of the recent uncertainty throughout the world regarding the coronavirus, these types of virtual appearances may become more popular than ever. 

Athlete Speakers recently booked University of Minnesota football coach P.J. Fleck for one of these engagements. Since it was in Chicago, he did not have to take away from his busy coaching and recruiting schedule while still being able to deliver a memorable presentation. 

Afterward, the client was happy with the product that Coach Fleck delivered and he was even more eager to do more of these types of speaking arrangements. Here are a few reasons why custom, remote speaking engagements can work. 

1. Accommodate scheduling 

it is a simple fact that many of the sports stars you would love to have come speak at your conference, convention or business meeting have extremely busy schedules. If athletes are not in season, they are constantly training, accommodating corporate partners and spending some off-time with their families. 

The same goes for coaches, who are game-planning during the offseason and, for those in the college game, recruiting 365 days a year. Even former athletes who are some of the top inspirational speakers in sports have schedules that fill up quickly. 

Being able to schedule a custom video speaking engagement gives the athlete ultimate flexibility while possibly providing the client an opportunity to book someone they could have never otherwise gotten!  

2. Save money 

Everyone is in the game of saving money and video presentations can prove to be a cost-effective option for your business. Since the sports celebrity no longer has to travel and can record your custom video at a time that is convenient, you can save anywhere from 20%-50% of the standard booking fees. 

With that kind of discount, your organization may be able to attract a higher-profile speaker than originally anticipated. 

3. Coronavirus concerns 

The final benefit of one of these custom video speeches is that they provide flexibility for everyone with the growing concerns around the coronavirus. If your event is in danger of getting canceled, perhaps a remote talk is a way to compromise. 

Also, some top athletes and celebrities may not want to travel during this time, so hiring them to do a custom video can make everything easier. 

Regardless of what happens in the weeks and months to come, Athlete Speakers is committed to top customer service as always. Our agreements now include a 12-month protection clause for clients who need to postpone their events due to coronavirus and reschedule at a later date. 

We have the needs of our clients in mind during this time so please do not hesitate to inquire about a video speaking engagement rate for any athlete or coach. You can contact the agents at Athlete Speakers by calling us at 800-916-6008 or by Starting Your Booking Request Now