Book an Athlete for Your Super Bowl Party

As we leave such a tumultuous year that put a halt to sports and in-person events, many are looking forward to a sense of normalcy as they anticipate the 2021 Super Bowl. Although this year will be quite different than what we have been used to in the past, the game will still go on. 

Last year 99.9 million people tuned into the Super Bowl, so one can assume this year’s number will be significantly higher with so many people stuck at home excited to have some entertainment. Since the Super Bowl is considered to be a national holiday for most of its major fans, it is no surprise to hear many people still planning on hosting COVID-friendly parties or events this year.

With the 2021 Super Bowl around the corner, set for Sunday, February 7th, many corporations, businesses, and families are searching for ways to impress at their Super Bowl events. As many businesses and major corporations use this event as a way to reward their current employees and attract new clients, they try to find ways to wow their guests.

One effective way to elevate your Super Bowl event is by hiring a football star to make an appearance! Investing in a football star for your Super Bowl party will be sure to add instant credibility to any kind of event. Your guests will be highly impressed and excited to have the ability to have conversations with their athletic idols, take photos with them, and receive the keepsake of an autograph from them.

How You Can Make this a Possibility

Athlete Speakers is one of the largest sports marketing and athlete booking agencies in the country. Since Athlete Speakers has been in this industry for over 20 years, we have first-hand access to many household names in sports. We have been assisting various companies and organizations in securing professional athletes for speaking engagements, appearances, and virtual meetings since 1999.

If hiring a professional athlete for your Super Bowl party is something you want to make a reality, be sure to fill out one of our online booking request forms today so you do not miss out on this opportunity. Whether it be a local celebrity or a nationally-recognized legend, Athlete Speakers has got you covered.

Please feel free to check out our list of the top NFL celebrities for your Super Bowl event. To inquire about the appearance fee for a football star for a Super Bowl party, contact our agents at Athlete Speakers by calling us at 800-916-6008 or by Starting Your Booking Request Now.