WWE Superstar Titus O'Neil Speaks About Corporate Inclusivity at Virtual Conference

With the recent cultural awakening happening across the country as it relates to social justice, many organizations are trying to find out how to be more inclusive. There have been several athletes leading the way in this regard, educating the public about things that matter to the black community and ways to change. 

WWE superstar Titus O'Neil is a sought-after keynote speaker and a community leader in Tampa, Florida. He recently shared some of his own thoughts on corporate inclusivity as part of a three-day virtual conference. 

O'Neil was a virtual speaker for Synapse Converge, which was geared towards business leaders in Florida. He shared that organizations need to go above and beyond to make their operations more diverse. 

"We need action, we need money, we need investment in the black and brown community," O'Neil said. "No more buzzwords on diversity and inclusion. [Are companies] funding some of the small black and brown community events? Are you recruiting not only the best and brightest of the moment, but of the future? If baseball is recruiting the next great star in middle school, all industries across the board should."

O'Neil has long been an individual committed to action. Outside of the ring, he is known as Thaddeus Bullard and operates the Bullard Family Foundation to give back to children and others in need. 

O'Neil is someone that has learned through dedication to his craft and his non-profit work that bringing everyone together to the table yields results. 

"If you're starting a business and want a global platform, you need global perspective," O'Neil said during the virtual conference. "For so many years people say they want to help black and brown people, yet here we are again, still having the conversation about equality and bias."

To bring further attention to fostering that spirit of inclusion and diversity, O'Neil is leading a foundation event in downtown Tampa on Saturday, June 27 called the "Love Walk."  It is just the latest offering in a yearlong calendar of programs geared towards making the community a better place to live. 

O'Neil's charitable spirit grows out of a gratitude for success, given his humble beginnings. His mother was only 12 when she gave birth to him and he grew up in poverty, often living in homeless shelters. 

Still. O'Neil persevered, with help people that took an interest in him and made sure that he would not be another statistic. He became one of the top high school football recruits in the country and went on to play at the University of Florida. 

After a brief pro career in the Arena Football League, O'Neil turned his attention to wrestling, becoming an early NXT star before making his way to the WWE. He is now a former WWE Tag Team Champion and WWE 24/7 Champion. 

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