Title Run by LSU Coach Ed Orgeron Leads to Opportunities as a Keynote Speaker

With his trademark, Louisiana drawl well-known now, LSU head football coach Ed Orgeron may not seem like a conventional choice for the keynote speaker circuit. However, not much in the coaching career of the new national champion has ever been orthodox. 

There is no doubt that the job Oregeron did leading the Tigers to the top of the college football mountain will lead to a bevy of opportunities. Those colorful stories about the journey to get there are what will make him an in-demand speaker for a host of corporate events and other functions. 

Orgeron has experienced the highs of his profession, including being a hotshot young assistant coach and regarded as one of the best recruiters in college football while at the University of Miami. He has been the head coach at three different schools and probably had no higher pleasure than being promoted with his home state Tigers back in 2017.

There have also been plenty of lowlights around the way. He overcame a much-documented battle with alcoholism two decades ago, was fired from his first head coaching job at Ole Miss after going 10-25 and got passed over for the permanent position at USC after leading the Trojans to a record as an interim coach. 

That topsy-turvy journey, however, has undoubtedly led Orgeron to the position he is in today. 

“You know, God had a plan,” Orgeron said following the championship. “I've got to say it, and it's not me. And all I did was follow the plan. And without him, I wouldn't be here. Without my family, I wouldn't be here. I've said it, I'm thankful for Coach (Les) Miles for giving me a chance. He hired me at LSU. It's where I wanted to go. I knew I was going to coach. I didn't think this was going to happen. When I didn't get the job at USC I said, `Hey, maybe you'll be an assistant the rest of your life.'"

That message of perseverance that Orgeron is bound to resonate with audiences. In the past, he has spoken at business conferences, football clinics and charity banquets, so that experience coupled with his natural charisma will be a big selling point for any future endeavors. 

Anytime a coach reaches a particular milestone, they can also expect a bigger payday for each speaking appearance. For example, Clemson coach Dabo Swinney now commands over $100,000 for each event, which is more than a 50% increase from before the Tigers started winning championships. 

In addition to the speaking circuit, many coaches cash in on endorsement opportunities, something that should suit the gregarious Orgeron as well. So while Coach O hits the ground running recruiting and building up the next LSU team this offseason, he will also have plenty of new offers outside of the coaching world to consider. 

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Ed Orgeron Being Interviewed After the National Title Game:


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