Speaking and Endorsement Opportunities Keep Coming for U.S. Women's Soccer Stars

Following the U.S. women soccer team's World Cup victory this summer, we wrote about the spike in marketing opportunities that were to come for many members of the squad. That momentum has kept up through the fall, as names like Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan continue to be some of the most in-demand for speaking engagements, corporate appearances and other opportunities. 

The latest team USA member to speak was actually veteran Ali Krieger. Krieger returned to her alma mater, Penn State, to keynote their Celebrate State initiative on Friday.

She touched on a variety of topics, including her time in State College, the run to two World Cup victories and the U.S. women's fight for equal pay. Krieger also talked about broader life issues like overcoming adversity and her advocacy for the LGBTQ community. 

The most poignant moment of the appearance came when she shared her five personal pillars for leading a successful life: be present in the moment, focus on effective communication, be accountable for yourself, surround yourself with influential people, and happiness. 

“Part of being an adult is to be accountable for the decisions you make, even if it ended up being a mistake,” Krieger said. “You are the one that is in control of your own destiny, no one else. It’s your own responsibility to make yourself happy.”

Equal pay was the focus of Rapinoe's latest speech earlier this month at the WorldatWork Pay Equity Symposium. WorldatWork CEO Scott Cawood did a Q&A with the superstar athlete in front of 200 rewards and compensation professionals at the Lowes Philadelphia. 

Cawood asked Rapinoe about her experience living in the post-World Cup glow and what's next in the equal pay fight. 

"An overinvestment in women needs to happen, at every level," said Rapinoe. "Whether that's training or in colleges or when you get into a company. Even if we started right now paying the same, investing the same, the gap will just never close. So, thinking about it from that perspective, how do we boost and overinvest. Really just believe in women and invest in people as much as you can." 

Rapinoe kept a big month going this weekend, signing her first post-World Cup sponsorship deal with Mendi. The CBD company is focused on athlete recovery and their products contain no THC. 

Rapinoe was already working with Mendi's CEO and her twin sister, Rachael, as a strategic partner and board advisor. She will now lead their "Athlete Ambassador Program" and focus on raising awareness for inclusion, diversity, equal pay, equality and justice. 

Another highlight of the week is the revelation that the next U.S. star on the speaking docket is Morgan. She will be taking part in the Movable Ink Think Summit next week in New York City. 

The event is in its fourth year and it will bring together people from some of the world's top brands to share their thoughts on digital marketing. Morgan will speak about teamwork and collaboration in a one on one fireside chat with Movable Ink CEO Vivek Sharma. 

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