NBA Great Jerry Lucas Speaks in Venice

Former American basketball player Jerry Lucas gave a series of free talks in Venice from March 12 - March 16 at the Venice Presbyterian Church which was sponsored by the Men’s Fellowship Group in the area. He gave a few speeches to teach the audience different life skills on topics that range from family, relationships, social interactions and even about basketball too. In addition to that, the 1973 NBA Champion also touched on his career in basketball and share some of his personal stories and challenges with the sport over his playing years. Lucas has lots of experience on engaging with audiences and he was both enthusiastic and excited to deliver that information to the guests who came to the event.

Lucas was born in Ohio and attended Ohio State University, where he got his start with his basketball fame as he is the only player in the Big Ten conference to achieve the MVP title three times. He also was invited to play for Team USA at the 1960 Olympics in Rome where he managed to return home with a gold medal from the event. During his time in the NBA, Lucas played for the Cincinnati Royals San Francisco Warriors and the New York Knicks between the years of 1963 and 1974.

The seven-time NBA All-Star player gave a great bunch of speeches at the Venice Presbyterian Church this month. It didn't cost anything to get in so that was a big draw to get more people to attend, and many basketball fans got to share that time with one of the greats from both collegiate and professional basketball history.

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Watch Jerry Lucas Speaking about Memory Building Techniques: