Inspirational Football Speaker Brian Banks Gets Big Screen Treatment

Brian Banks was once destined for a standout football career that most certainly would have landed him at a major college and perhaps even the NFL. Those hopes were dashed when the promising high school recruit was falsely accused of rape by a fellow classmate. 

While Banks' life was overturned by six years in prison and five more on parole, he has turned the negative into a positive. He has become a top motivational speaker, advocate for others in the judicial system and now the main subject of a feature film. 

"Brian Banks" hits theaters this week and the story tracks him from his time out on probation to when his conviction is overturned. "Ace Ventura" director Tom Shadyac, Academy Award nominee Greg Kinnear and Aldis Hodge, who plays Banks, make up a talented group that worked on the picture. 

Official Trailer for Brian Banks:

After having his conviction lifted in 2012, Banks went on to play for the Atlanta Falcons in the preseason the following year. He also has worked in the NFL Department of Operations. 

Banks works with the group that helped him get the decision on his case reversed, the California Innocence Project. He also speaks about his story all over the country, touching on topics like redemption, overcoming challenges and finding a new path in life. 

Banks participate in traditional speaking engagements, moderated Q&A's and is doing talks after screenings of the film. In addition to speaking and working as an executive producer on the movie, last month he released his memoir, "What Set Me Free: A True Story of Wrongful Conviction, a Dream Deferred and a Man Redeemed." 

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Brian Banks Tells His Story on Fair Game: