Doug Baldwin Delivers Motivational Speech at Kirkland Chamber of Commerce Luncheon

Current NFL player for the Seattle Seahawks Doug Baldwin gave a speech at the Kirkland Chamber of Commerce luncheon on Thursday, March 12 at the Woodmark Hotel. The two-time NFC Champion gave a wonderful talk about his background and history, his opinion on how leadership is important, and then answered several questions from the many curious kids who attended and go to the Lake Washington and Juanita High Schools.

In addition to that, attendees got to hear about his personal experience and anxiety surrounding his draft into the NFL where he wasn't picked for seven whole rounds. Aside from that, Baldwin almost walked away from the sport during his younger years and he told the guests about how he is glad that he stuck with the sport which led him to two Super Bowl games.

The Seattle wide receiver was born in Florida and first played competitive football for Stanford University until he graduated and entered the NFL draft in 2011, and in his three seasons of football he already has made 15 receiving touchdowns and 196 receptions overall.

He told the children at the luncheon that if they want to do well in both athletics and in school, it is possible to do so and be successful as long as they remember to work hard. Overall, the event was a huge success and many kids were excited to see one of the state’s team players donate some time to the local fans.

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Watch Doug Baldwin Speaking at the Junior Football Camp: