Andy Benes was the Keynote Speaker at the FCA Home Team Banquet in Hannibal

Former Major League Baseball player Andy Benes gave a keynote speech at the Home Team Banquet in Hannibal, Missouri on March 24 which was sponsored by the Mark Twain Area chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. The event gave about 100 local student athletes the opportunity to meet and greet with Benes and discuss how their faith helped them advance in their game play. The retired talented pitcher gave a very open talk about how having a strong faith is a good way to stay on track with their goals, and delivered inspiring and positive messages to give them motivation for their futures.

In the 1988 MLB Draft Benes was the first picked and went to play for the San Diego Padres, Seattle Mariners, St. Louis Cardinals and the Arizona Diamondbacks over the 14 years of his career. In addition to that he was also on the United States national team in 1988 for the Olympic games in Seoul, which he brought home the gold for. He also participated in the 1988 Baseball World Cup in Rome where USA took the silver.

The 1993 All-Star player commented that he hoped his talk at the FCA Home Team Banquet influenced the students in a positive way, as he feels that they were able to connect with each other based on their faith. Benes also reflected back on the days when he would talk to kids about staying off of drugs with his teammates on the Cardinals, and he enjoys helping young people make better decisions.

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Watch Andy Bene's Speaking about his MLB Career: